Snow White’s Scary Adventures (Disneyland)

(Queue Audio)

A special sort of death for one so fair. What shall it be, hmm? Oh, the poisoned apple! One taste of the poisoned apple, and the victim’s eyes close forever in the sleeping death. Then I’ll be fairest in the land! (Evil cackle)

(Safety Spiel)

Looking for Snow White, dearie? Then sit still in your seat! And remember, you’re safely in the mine cart ride if your hands, arms, feet, and legs are kept inside—and watch your children! And beware of any apples you may find on the way (Evil cackle).

(Spanish safety spiel)

On the path to see Snow White, hmm? To be sure you arrive safely, stay in your seat; keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside; and, oh yes, watch those precious children of yours. On your way now!

(Ride vehicles enter the attraction)

(DWARFS yodel “The Silly Song”)

These dwarfs can’t hide Snow White from me. Soon I’ll be fairest in the land! (Evil laugh)

(Vehicles pass through the mine, under the two carrion birds, and into the Evil Queen’s castle. Crow caws.)

Magic mirror on the wall…

(She turns around to reveal the OLD HAG.)

With this disguise, I’ll fool them all!

(Vehicles pass by OLD HAG standing at her cauldron.)

Have an apple, dearie? (Evil cackle) Apples! Fresh apples!

(Vehicles pass through dark forest. Wicked laughs are heard all around.)

Tasty apple! (Evil cackle)

(Vehicle pass by DWARFS trying to defeat the OLD HAG.)

There she goes!

(OLD HAG is struck by lightning and screams as she falls. Vehicles exit into “Happily Ever After.”)

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