Soarin’ (Epcot)

(Preshow Safety Video)

Hello, and welcome to Soarin’. My name is Patrick, and I’ll be your chief flight attendant today. We’ll begin boarding in a few minutes, but first, I’d like to acquaint you with some important safety information. When the doors to your flight open, please take a seat and store all carry-on items in the under-seat compartment. This includes cameras, purses, hats, and of course, these little beauties. Next, fasten your seatbelts, inserting them into the buckle on your right. If smaller aviators don’t measure up to the height indicator on the seat, just put the belt through the loop in the center strap before buckling. Nice work pal! Soon you will be airborne, so if you or your little aviators have a fear of flying or of heights, you might wanna wait for your party at the arrival gate. Okay, let’s review: that is seat, seatbelt, carry-on items, safety strap, fear of heights, keep your hands and arms inside at all times—anything else…? Oh yeah, have a nice flight!

(Video ends)

Attention passengers, we are now ready for boarding: beginning with row one, followed by two, and then three. Welcome aboard!

(Guests move into theatre)

We are now conducting our final systems check. Please stow all carry-on items in the under-seat compartment. For your safety, remain seated with your seatbelt fastened during your flight. And watch your children.

(Spanish safety spiel)

Soarin’ to Tower: we are ready for takeoff.

(Attraction begins and ends)

On behalf of our entire flight crew, thanks for soarin’ with us. To unfasten your seatbelt, just push down on the red button on your right. Be sure to gather all your carry-on items from the under-seat compartment and exit to your right. Have a great stay here in Epcot, or wherever your final destination may take you.

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