Main Street Electrical Parade (Disneyland)

*Sung lyrics in bold.

(Parade intro music begins.)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
Disneyland proudly presents

Our spectacular festival pageant
Of nighttime magic and imagination

In thousands of sparkling lights
And electro-syntho-magnetic musical sounds,

The Main Street Electrical Parade!

(Parade theme, “Baroque Hoedown,” begins.)

(Drum float passes by, carrying GOOFY, MICKEY MOUSE, and MINNIE MOUSE. Spinning bugs pass by. Mushroom float passes by. ALICE IN WONDERLAND float passes by.)

ALICE (Ad lib)
Hello, everyone… It’s lovely to see you all tonight… Oh, Mr. Rabbit — he’s running late, you know… You all have such big smiles, like the Cheshire Cat, etc.

(CATERPILLAR float passes by.)

You there! Girl! Who are you? A-E-I-O-U. Who are you? You there! Snail! You are not spinning correctly! Exactically what is your problem? I shall recite: “How doth the little crocodile improve his shining tail, and pour the waters of the Nile on every golden scale?” Who are you? Exactically where are you going? I have something important to ask: who are you? Why are you staring at me?

(MICE dance by. CINDERELLA’s coach float passes by. Lords and ladies dance by. STEPSISTERS float passes by, followed by more dancers. Big Ben float passes by. Pirate ship float passes by with CAPTAIN HOOK and PETER PAN. MR. SMEE rows by in his boat. FAIRIES dance by. TINKER BELL’s float passes by. SEVEN DWARFS mine car float passes by, carrying DOPEY. The other DWARFS and SNOW WHITE dance by. PINOCCHIO and DONKEYS dance by. Pleasure Island float passes by. ELLIOT float passes by with PETE riding atop him.)

PETE (ad lib)
Hello, down there… Have you ever seen a dragon before?… Let’s all shout “razzle dazzle” and see if Elliott disappears!, etc.

(American flag float passes by, flanked by dancing patriots. Bald eagle passes by last.)

The Main Street Electrical Parade!

(Music swells to finale.)

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