The Spirit of Norway – Maelstrom Post-Show Film (Epcot) – 1988-2014

(Guests finish riding Maelstrom and proceed to theatre.)

To know this land’s heart and soul—to discover its spirit.

(Fjords appear on screen.)

Norway. To discover its spirit.

(Cut to a small boy standing in the light cast by a circular window.)

It was born in challenge—in a thousand years of challenging the seas.

(Boy walks away to reveal a huge longboat inside the structure. Cut back and forth between images of seamen building boats and the boy admiring the finished product. Cut between a helicopter flying over oil rigs and a crew sailing a boat. The rig lets out a jet of fire as the boat’s captain yells to his crew. Cut back to the boy admiring the boat.)

It’s a spirit that knows a quiet sense of timelessness.

(Cut to a fishing village, where a boat plies the water and gulls fly overhead. Residents go about their daily lives. Cut to an image of a skier fastening skis to prepare for a run.)

Our spirit lives in daring.

(Skier speeds downhill and off a jump.)

It lives in our traditions.

(Cut to a city street in the midst of a festival, complete with music, parades, crowds, flags, and people on horseback.)

Our spirit—it lives in our people.

(Closeups on various Norwegian people, including children, families, business people, blue collar workers, sailors, ballet dancers, scientists, horse-drawn carriages, etc. Cut back to the child looking at the boat.)

Our spirit—it lives in our people. Norway.

(Dissolve to a boat speeding through the fjords. Film ends.)

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Maelstrom (Epcot) – 1988-2014

(Loading area announcements)

For your safety: remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the boat. And please watch your children. Just a reminder—no flash pictures inside Maelstrom. Thank you.

(Spanish safety spiel.)

(Attraction begins.)

Photo credit: Jeff Krause

You are not the first to pass this way. Nor shall you be the last. Those who seek the spirit of Norway face peril and adventure—but more often, find beauty and charm.

(Odin’s eye begins to glow.)

We have always lived with the sea, so look first to the spirit of the seafarer.

(Boats enter viking village.)

Long ago, Norway was a land of vikings. That was the beginning of our love for the sea.

(Boats pass a family speaking Norwegian and a viking blowing a horn.)

There are those who see Norway’s spirit veiled in a land of forests and mystery—where trolls still prowl the water’s edge.


Maelstrom-1987-3-600x402TROLL 1
What’s this? How dare you come here?!


Stop! This is troll country.

Look away—be gone!

I’ll cast a spell.

Yes! Yes!

You’ll disappear.

Disappear! Disappear!

Back! Back! Over the falls!

(TROLLS laugh. Boats begin to travel backward.)

Before recorded time, Norway’s spirit roamed the seas of the far north and beyond.

(Boats pass several polar bears.)

Today, Norway’s spirit still thunders in her great fjords!

Photo credit: Bob Rowan

Photo credit: Bob Rowan

(Boats continue moving backward and look like they are going to go over the waterfall. ROCK TROLL appears.)

Hmm, what’s this? How dare you come this way! Down to the North Sea with you! (Laughs.)

(Boats alter course and plunge forward down a small drop. They pass oil rigs and pull in to small fishing village to unload.)

Norway’s spirit has always been—will always be—adventure!

(Guests exit boats and proceed to theatre for The Spirit of Norway film.)

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