Disneyland Monorail (Disneyland)

(Guests board at Tomorrowland Station.)

Hello, everyone! Welcome aboard the Disneyland Monorail. We are now beginning a two-and-a-half mile journey to Downtown Disney Station and back. For a safe trip, remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the cabin. Be sure to watch your children—and no smoking, please.

(Spanish safety spiel.)

You are riding aboard the Mark VII—the latest generation of Disneyland monorails. When Walt Disney introduced this attraction in 1959, it was the first daily-operating monorail system in the Western Hemisphere.

Just ahead is Disney California Adventure, where you’ll find Disney stories told in unique and exciting new ways. That towering hotel in the distance is home to Twilight Zone Tower of Terror—where you can literally drop in on Hollywood history.

We are now passing Grizzly Peak: land of scenic wonders—where you can experience the beauty and exhilaration of free flight in Soarin’!

Coming into view is Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. This Imagineering masterpiece is inspired by the state’s natural wonders and features the Arts and Crafts style of the 19th century.

We are now arriving at Downtown Disney Station—gateway to the Downtown Disney District and the Disneyland Resort hotels. If you will be leaving us here and returning later today, please hold on to your park ticket and have your hand stamped as you leave the station. You may re-board the monorail for a return trip to Tomorrowland up until one half-hour prior to Disneyland closing.

Please remain seated until the monorail comes to a complete stop, and the doors have opened. Then gather your belongings, lower your head, watch your step, and exit to the left of the monorail. Thanks for traveling with us today, and we hope you enjoy your visit to the Disneyland Resort!

For those of continuing with us, we’ll begin our return trip to Tomorrowland in just a few minutes. Thank you.

(Monorail stops at Downtown Disney Station. Guests exit and new guests board.)

To those of you who have just joined us, welcome aboard the Disneyland Monorail! For your safety, please remain seated, keeping your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the cabin. Watch your children—and no smoking, please.

(Spanish safety spiel.)

We’re now en route to our final stop—the Tomorrowland Monorail Station. Along the way, you get a bird’s-eye look at the Downtown Disney District, Disney’s Grand Californian Resort and Spa, and Disney California Adventure.

To the left of the monorail is the main entrance of Disneyland—the Happiest Place on Earth! Disneyland is truly an American original. Since its opening in 1955, it has hosted hundreds of millions of guests from around the world—including presidents, kings, and celebrities. It is the original Disney theme park, created and enjoyed by Walt Disney himself.

To the right is our transportation plaza, where you’ll find taxis, hotel shuttles, and public transit stops.

We are about to enter Disneyland. Some of the clearances are pretty tight up ahead, so be sure to remain seated—keeping your hands and arms inside the cabin.

This is Tomorrowland—a land inspired by science fact and fantasy. Below us is the Submarine Lagoon, where you can dive into a fantastic underwater adventure aboard the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Across the way are the icy peaks of Matterhorn Mountain—home of the world’s most famous bobsled ride. And beneath us is the Autopia—where drivers of all ages travel the road to tomorrow.  As we cruise over Tomorrowland, our pilot would like to share a few program reminders.

(Announces upcoming parades, fireworks, Fantasmic! showings, etc., as well as park closing time and the departure time of the last monorail.)

To the right of the monorail, you just might spot the sparkling gold spires of one of Disney’s most beloved attractions, “it’s a small world”! And now, we’re riding alongside the happiest kingdom of them all: Fantasyland—home of Pinocchio, Snow White, Peter Pan, and other storybook characters.

Please remain seated until the monorail comes to a complete stop. Then collect your belongings, watch your head, and step carefully from the train. On behalf of all of our crew, thanks for traveling with us, and we hope you have a happy and memorable visit here at Disneyland. This is the Tomorrowland Monorail Station!

(Monorail stops in Tomorrowland. Guests exit.)

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